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360 degrees video

Съемка VR видео и 360 панорам
Съемка VR Видео
360 degrees video shooting on a turnkey basis
Разработка VR туров
Creating virtual tours
Фотосъёмка 360
360 degrees object photography
VR программирование
Custom designed

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    360 degrees video shooting

    3D tours

    360 degrees photography

    Professional 360 degrees video

    360 degrees video shooting services have become quite popular as this is extremely non-standard content that allows users to absorb information as they want. If you compare the video in the format of 3D graphics and virtual reality then in the first case we will not be able to change the angle by turning our heads, but in the second case there is a chance to look at all three hundred and sixty degrees.

    360 degrees video
    360 degrees video

    This is an excellent opportunity to study the material of interest as much as possible. You can just focus your eyes on what you’re interested in. Modern users daily consume a huge amount of VR content and are interested in accessing high-quality materials that will be interesting to them.

    ServiceDescriptionPrice, rbs
    3D tour makingPer 1 photo. Quality from 8Кfrom 3000 rbs
    3D tour hostingHosting on the websitefrom 5000 rbs
    360 degrees video for VR glassesQuality from 8Кfrom 10000 rbs
    360 degrees videoQuality from 8Кfrom 10000 rbs
    360 degrees photoPhoto with minimal retouch.
    Object photography
    1000 rbs
    Video from the airQuality 4K5000 rbs
    3D customized designDesign of navigation bar, pop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 10000 rbs
    3D tour shop/beauty salon/ restaurantPop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 15000 rbs
    3D tour showroom/ officePop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 15000 rbs
    3D tour hotel/institutionPop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 15000 rbs
    3D tour sports club/health clinicPop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 15000 rbs
    Voice acting of the 3D tourfrom 4000 rbs
    Animation for the 3D tourfrom 10000 rbs
    Generation of individual projects Customized solutions using developers and designersfrom 50000 rbs
    Generation of augmented reality Customized solutions using developers and designersfrom 100000 rbs
    Programmer's workCustomized solutions1000 rbs/hrs

    It is good to remember that modern technologies are developing quite quickly, so you can get better materials that will also be useful.

    VR Shooting

    There is no doubt that in the near future many people will begin to produce this kind of content as it is much more interesting to users and causes great interest from them.

    Already nowadays, there are numerous resources on the expanses of which you can see videos in virtual reality that tell us about various events which are a presentation or a tour of a certain area or object.

    Such content can be as varied as possible, so that it becomes possible to create material for any audience. Making it quality is extremely important as otherwise the interest from the audience will be reducing dramatically. 360 degrees videos are highly involved in the audience, it views such material several times with interest to discover all the smallest but important details.

    360 degrees video to order

    Our studio can provide professional services for making video material of any level.

    360 degrees video
    360 degrees video

    Recently, we are actively developing in this direction, we have the necessary software and hardware resources, so working with us will be comfortable, you may not worry about the result of cooperation. Every year the demand for this content will increase, as this is a really modern and innovative format. Do not miss the opportunity to entrust that responsible work to professionals! VR 360 degrees video can also be made by our staff.