3D virtual tour of the hall

In the modern world, a virtual tour of the hall is becoming a relevant and effective method of business development. Regardless of the type of enterprise, the VR project will help improve customer loyalty, increase order volumes, sales, and brand demand.

Virtual tour of the hall in 3D mode
Virtual tour of the hall in 3D mode

The studio team will help in the development of high-quality videos with VR technology. We carry out shooting through professional equipment, preliminary study of the project, requirements, and features; through specialized software we make VR videos that support interactivity.

3D virtual tour of the hall advantages

A professional VR tour of the building of the shopping mall, museum, exhibition, salons for the sale of transport, equipment, gadgets is an effective marketing tool that increases the company’s demand. It visualizes real estate objects, allowing the buyer to «walk” through the building remotely, decide on the need for purchase.

ServiceDescriptionPrice, rbs
360 degrees videoQuality 4K20 000/ hour
360 degrees photoPhoto with minimal retouch5 000/ photo
Video shooting from the air (hourly)Quality 4K5 000/hour
Personalized software of 3D tourDesign of navigation bar, pop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 20 000
3D tour of shop/ beauty salon/restaurant/Tour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 20 000
3D tour showroom/ officeTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000
3D tour hotel/institutionTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000
3D tour sports club/health clinicTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000

An example is the preparation for a children’s birthday, when parents need to please the birthday boy, while choosing a suitable game center. Often, the selection of institutions is carried out through the Internet, where on company website visitors can see the advantages of these; determine whether the company meets the requirements.

Through the VR project, parents will be able to inspect the building, play and sport grounds, trampolines, and other components of the children’s game center fully. A person will place an order in an institution that provides the opportunity for comfortable remote selection, inspection of the arrangement, and conditions for spending time with children.

Virtual tour of the hall in 3D mode
Virtual tour of the hall in 3D mode

So, 3D panorama of the hall will be relevant not only for children’s centers, but also for museums, shopping malls, restaurants, even factories, exhibitions and other institutions and premises. It is an effective tool allowing in the best grade to give an opportunity to shoot rooms, expositions, equipment, and equipment arrangements of hotels and other.

Create a virtual tour of the hall

The development of VR projects is a rather complex activity, requiring special equipment, professional skills, and software, taking into account requirements and important parameters. If you need a modern virtual tour of the hall, provide the work to a team of qualified specialists of the studio, in which you can make an order on the website.