Virtual tour – Making of 3D tour to order

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Virtual tour

Съемка VR видео и 360 панорам
Съемка VR Видео
360 degrees video shooting on a turnkey basis
Разработка VR туров
Creating virtual tours
Фотосъёмка 360
360 degrees object photography
VR программирование
Custom designed

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    360 degrees video shooting

    3D tours

    360 degrees photography

    Virtual tour to order

    High-quality virtual tour can be an excellent solution for companies and people who lead their projects on the Internet and are interested in their development. The bottom line is that you can give a person a walk through any virtual object.

    Virtual tour
    Virtual tour

    The content consists of a certain number of spherical panoramas; the user can get acquainted in detail with a variety of objects that will attract his attention. You can move in any direction, stop at interesting objects and view them from all sides. Such content is extremely interesting for users, allow you to achieve a high level of engagement.

    ServiceDescriptionPrice, rbs
    3D tour makingPer 1 photo. Quality from 8Кfrom 3000 rbs
    3D tour hostingHosting on the websitefrom 5000 rbs
    360 degrees video for VR glassesQuality from 8Кfrom 10000 rbs
    360 degrees videoQuality from 8Кfrom 10000 rbs
    360 degrees photoPhoto with minimal retouch.
    Object photography
    1000 rbs
    Video from the airQuality 4K5000 rbs
    3D customized designDesign of navigation bar, pop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 10000 rbs
    3D tour shop/beauty salon/ restaurantPop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 15000 rbs
    3D tour showroom/ officePop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 15000 rbs
    3D tour hotel/institutionPop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 15000 rbs
    3D tour sports club/health clinicPop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 15000 rbs
    Voice acting of the 3D tourfrom 4000 rbs
    Animation for the 3D tourfrom 10000 rbs
    Generation of individual projects Customized solutions using developers and designersfrom 50000 rbs
    Generation of augmented reality Customized solutions using developers and designersfrom 100000 rbs
    Programmer's workCustomized solutions1000 rbs/hrs

    3D panoramas of photo and video

    It is possible to attract the attention of the target audience on the Internet in various ways, but it is becoming more difficult to do this at present. The level of content quality is constantly increasing; new ways of communicating information to users are emerging. A special feature of such content is the occurrence of a presence affect in a certain place.

    Thus, you can implement the presentation of the company, talk about its work and show the production line. Virtual tours are often dedicated to real estate allowing users to take virtual walks on them. Often there are such tours in a virtual format demonstrating the beauty of our planet and various interesting places. Binding to genres is completely absent, so such content can be generated for a wide range of people. There will be no strict restriction on views and users will be able to choose them themselves.

    Having convenient navigation on a virtual tour will also be an undeniable advantage of content. Viewing time and depth of the material are guaranteed to be high.

    Virtual tour to order

    Making such content on its own is extremely problematic, as you need to have the appropriate equipment, the skills to use it and understanding of compiling a virtual tour through software. Without proper experience it will definitely not be possible. For this reason, it is worth working with the staff of our company. They will help to make a virtual tour of any complexity that will amaze with its realism.

    Virtual tour
    Virtual tour
    Such content will be interesting for a wide range of people. Note that we work officially and make every effort to ensure the availability of prices for the services of eminent specialists! A professional virtual tour will be made on the basis of the customer’s wishes and in specified period of time.