Professional video shooting at 360 degrees

The original 360 degrees video is a fairly new format for submitting information which is rapidly gaining popularity. Practice shows that this is just a great opportunity to tell the target audience about various events, their lives and places on the planet, the activities of the company or its products. The essence lies in the fact that here the viewer can concentrate on the details of interest to him changing the angle on his own.

Video shooting at 360 degrees
Video shooting at 360 degrees

The mouse can change the direction of the camera which makes the presence effect of events. Such content is very interesting to watch, it is possible to achieve high audience involvement. The commercial content of such a plan very quickly begins to generate revenue.

Developing of panoramic videos

Services for creating high-quality videos to date remain in demand as users consume such content in huge quantities. The advantage of this format is that it is relatively new and interesting for the large majority of people.

ServiceDescriptionPrice, rbs
360 degrees videoQuality 4K20 000/ hour
360 degrees photoPhoto with minimal retouch5 000/ photo
Video shooting from the air (hourly)Quality 4K5 000/hour
Personalized software of 3D tourDesign of navigation bar, pop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 20 000
3D tour of shop/ beauty salon/restaurant/Tour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 20 000
3D tour showroom/ officeTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000
3D tour hotel/institutionTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000
3D tour sports club/health clinicTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000

You can be sure that users will watch quality material with interest. A special advantage is that such videos can be of different themes. There are no restrictions in terms of genres, material feeding and style of content design.

There is great potential for the realization of their creative ideas. Every year the popularity of such a panoramic video format will only increase and it will be more and more realistic.

A few years ago, virtual reality technology seemed too many to be something fantastic, but today it is reality. It must be understood that such videos will be interesting for a wide range of people as today they are watching them on specialized platforms.

Video shooting at 360 degrees to order

It is necessary to have the appropriate hardware and software resources to ensure a decent quality of the finished material. Our studio for many years specializes in the development of high-quality content, so you can contact us to make a panoramic video.

Video shooting at 360 degrees
Video shooting at 360 degrees

The work will be carried out individually and officially, so the client will always be protected from any trouble. High-quality video shooting at 360 degrees should be carried out by a team of experienced specialists who can fully understand the essence of the project concept and take into account the wishes of the customer.