Shooting of virtual panoramas to order

Studio specialists shoot virtual panoramas in accordance with modern requirements. We use high-quality equipment and special software, correctly develop projects and compile interactive VR pictures and videos.

Shooting of virtual panoramas
Shooting of virtual panoramas

If you are planning a comprehensive promotion of a marketing campaign, the development of websites for real estate objects, architectural skills, construction, landscape design, choose the use of modern tools. We will help to make VR content that will increase customer loyalty, order volumes, and achieve other business goals.

Professional shooting of VR panoramas photos and videos

Competent shooting of panoramas at 360 degrees provides for the need for preliminary preparation and study of project factors. This will help to ensure the making of high-quality interactive videos and photos.

ServiceDescriptionPrice, rbs
360 degrees videoQuality 4K20 000/ hour
360 degrees photoPhoto with minimal retouch5 000/ photo
Video shooting from the air (hourly)Quality 4K5 000/hour
Personalized software of 3D tourDesign of navigation bar, pop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 20 000
3D tour of shop/ beauty salon/restaurant/Tour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 20 000
3D tour showroom/ officeTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000
3D tour hotel/institutionTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000
3D tour sports club/health clinicTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000

The work requires special equipment, technical installations for frame stabilization, and software that allows you to make the VR video. For different facilities, certain equipment is used; a plan for the placement of equipment on the website is being developed, as well as other aspects necessary for the professional implementation of projects.

An important factor is the high level of professionalism of the team of specialists, which will ensure an integrated approach to the conduct of work, as well as the making of excellent VR content that allows you to develop your business. It is important to contact qualified studio staff, who guarantees the proper fulfillment of orders.

Agency specialists will help in the comprehensive study of projects of different complexity. We cooperate with companies, and businesses of various types, make VR content for online shops, land sale websites, real estate objects, architectural, and engineering resources.

Shooting of virtual panoramas
Shooting of virtual panoramas

Cooperation with the specialists of the studio guarantees a comprehensive, competent development of projects, taking into account the requirements for the order, the use of professional equipment, and the performance of work by a team of qualified technicians, operators, and montage specialists. If you need a high-quality shooting of 3D panoramas, contact the agency.

Shooting of virtual panoramas and VR tours

On the studio website, you can consult with the manager, calculate the project budget, and also place an order for the development of VR material. Choose to work with qualified agency specialists, if you need to shoot virtual panoramas for stable business development.