How to make 3D tour for website

Many people are very interested in how to make 3D tour and spherical panoramas. You can perform this process yourself or with the help of professionals. It is best to choose the second option. In this case, it will be possible to guarantee a high-quality product and an effective advertising tool. In addition, specialists will process the material in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

How to make 3D tour
How to make 3D tour

The virtual reality tour itself is a virtual tour of a space or institution providing a detailed overview and presence effect. When watching such 3D tour at 360 degrees the viewer completely immerses in the premises or space. The user can control the view, approach or delete objects of interest, direct the view up, down, or sideways.

Shooting in VR mode

In our studio you can order 3D tours of photos or videos. Then you can place them on the website, on social networks or on other resources. As a result, content will contribute to the promotion and development of business. It also helps to form a positive image of a company or brand. Original interactive VR tours can be made independently, but it will take a lot of effort and time. It is more profitable and correct to use the services of professionals.

ServiceDescriptionPrice, rbs
360 degrees videoQuality 4K20 000/ hour
360 degrees photoPhoto with minimal retouch5 000/ photo
Video shooting from the air (hourly)Quality 4K5 000/hour
Personalized software of 3D tourDesign of navigation bar, pop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 20 000
3D tour of shop/ beauty salon/restaurant/Tour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 20 000
3D tour showroom/ officeTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000
3D tour hotel/institutionTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000
3D tour sports club/health clinicTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000

In this case, it will be possible to get a high-quality product and attractive panoramic videos or photos. To improve the perception of such content, additional elements are used: interactive buttons, music, pop-up windows, text and animation. Modern programs and knowledge are necessary for the competent making of 3D tours.

Experts will help to make panoramas at 360 degrees that demonstrate objects and rooms from favorable sides. This approach will highlight the advantages and hide the disadvantages. Surround photos and videos create a presence effect. Such content is great for showcasing restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, clinics and fitness centers.

How to make 3D tour and panorama at 360 degrees

The making of 3D panoramas and virtual reality tours is a time-consuming process using innovative programs and high-quality equipment.

How to make 3D tour
How to make 3D tour

Now such content is popular in business presentations on websites and on social networks. Moreover, there are many options for how to make 3D tour, but it is best to turn to experienced professionals with this aim.