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360 degrees photo

Съемка VR видео и 360 панорам
Съемка VR Видео
360 degrees video shooting on a turnkey basis
Разработка VR туров
Creating virtual tours
Фотосъёмка 360
360 degrees object photography
VR программирование
Custom designed

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    360 degrees video shooting

    3D tours

    360 degrees photography

    To order 360 degrees photo

    Increasingly, businessmen and website owners order photos 360 degrees which allows not only to improve behavioral factors on the resource, but also to successfully develop business and companies.

    360 degrees photo
    360 degrees photo

    Our studio provides assistance in making interactive VR materials that can in an excellent quality emphasize the advantages of products, real estate, plots, increase customers interest and order volumes.

    ServiceDescriptionPrice, rbs
    3D tour makingPer 1 photo. Quality from 8Кfrom 3000 rbs
    3D tour hostingHosting on the websitefrom 5000 rbs
    360 degrees video for VR glassesQuality from 8Кfrom 10000 rbs
    360 degrees videoQuality from 8Кfrom 10000 rbs
    360 degrees photoPhoto with minimal retouch.
    Object photography
    1000 rbs
    Video from the airQuality 4K5000 rbs
    3D customized designDesign of navigation bar, pop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 10000 rbs
    3D tour shop/beauty salon/ restaurantPop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 15000 rbs
    3D tour showroom/ officePop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 15000 rbs
    3D tour hotel/institutionPop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 15000 rbs
    3D tour sports club/health clinicPop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 15000 rbs
    Voice acting of the 3D tourfrom 4000 rbs
    Animation for the 3D tourfrom 10000 rbs
    Generation of individual projects Customized solutions using developers and designersfrom 50000 rbs
    Generation of augmented reality Customized solutions using developers and designersfrom 100000 rbs
    Programmer's workCustomized solutions1000 rbs/hrs

    Features of 360 degrees photo

    Modern professional photos at 360 degrees are interactive what the advantage of such marketing tools becomes. They are used to place on the websites of companies, online shops and real estate agencies, increase the efficiency and quality of content and promote resources.

    Panoramic photos have certain features, so their development is better provided to the team of professional specialists of the studio. We will help to make excellent VR materials that can emphasize the advantages, parameters of sold products, land plots, tourist and other types of facilities.

    So, in comparison with a regular photo, a person can consider, for example, an art gallery from a represented angle. The advantage of VR is the ability to independently adjust the viewing angle, paying attention to important features, for example, works by favorite artists located in different areas of the exhibition.

    But to develop an effective marketing tool that will develop the company, improving the behavioral factor of the site requires the help of a team of specialists. Contact your studio manager if you want to make a professional 360 degrees photo for different types of objects.

    Advantages of ordering 360 degrees photo in the studio

    Cooperation with a professional company in photo and video shooting guarantees the competent implementation of the project, the development of high-quality material capable of developing a business. We work with companies of various types including real estate agencies, travel, entertainment, children’s and marketing organizations, providing assistance in making excellent VR shots and videos.

    360 degrees photo
    360 degrees photo

    Contact the studio specialists who sell orders of any complexity. We work with the use of modern equipment which allows you to make impeccable photos at 360 degrees at different types of facilities, companies and open areas of Moscow.