Professional 360 degrees panoramic shot

You can make a presentation of a property on the Internet with good conversion if you use appropriate marketing tools. For example, 360 degrees panoramic shot is an excellent solution that will allow users to study the object from all angles by choosing the desired scale. The main advantage of virtual panoramas is to transfer the basic characteristics of the object, protecting the viewer from the necessity to inspect it physically.

360 degrees panoramic shot
360 degrees panoramic shot

If you work in the field of leasing or property sale, then surely it is worth using progressive content for involvement of target audience. It is also possible to apply it and to other types of business. For example, the matter will help increase the attendance of restaurants, cafes, car services and hotels and other institutions. You can shoot completely any object, regardless of its area, volume and other parameters.

High-quality 360 degrees panoramic shot comes cheap!

Many businessmen do not yet use virtual panoramas in their activities due to the fear of high costs and low return on investment in the development of business projects. Those who have already tested 360 degrees panoramic shot on personal experience have noticed that the content is extremely inexpensive to produce and pays off in a short time.

ServiceDescriptionPrice, rbs
360 degrees videoQuality 4K20 000/ hour
360 degrees photoPhoto with minimal retouch5 000/ photo
Video shooting from the air (hourly)Quality 4K5 000/hour
Personalized software of 3D tourDesign of navigation bar, pop-up windows, adding of background soundfrom 20 000
3D tour of shop/ beauty salon/restaurant/Tour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 20 000
3D tour showroom/ officeTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000
3D tour hotel/institutionTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000
3D tour sports club/health clinicTour up to 5 panoramas posted on websitefrom 25 000

After that, an unlimited amount of time it will be able to work for the benefit of the company bringing stable income. This is one of the best ways to present your offer to customers in order to interest them in further cooperation.

The calls that will be received by managers will be more effective in terms of the number of conducted transactions. With the help of this content you can quickly promote a business project on the expanses of the Internet protecting yourself from significant financial expenses.

360 degrees panoramic shot
360 degrees panoramic shot

Ordering 360 degrees panoramic shot is a matter of a few minutes, but as a result you can get an effective marketing tool. The promotion of the business will proceed at a rapid pace, and you will be able to stand out profitably against the background of your competitors. You can also use virtual panoramas to conduct business negotiations, especially when they are conducted in remote format.

To order 360 degrees panoramic shot in Moscow

You can become a customer of our studio and order the production of this content. We will provide moderate prices for shooting 360 degrees panorama with meeting of deadlines!